Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year

Sorry guys, was far too busy enjoying the holidays to bother with this on NYE or NYD. As always, better late than never. In 2013, I started a little blog in order to have a hobby outside of work and try and rekindle some kind of writing talent I displayed when I was younger and somehow forgot.

I chose to write about Techno parties because I am both a techno fan and an event producer and so was at least interested enough in the subject to make an effort. This blog was for me.

However, this year my blog has become more than a hobby. It's become a network of friends, an education in new music, a serious look at the state of clubbing in London, an assessment of what I am doing with my life and a dream realised. I was asked to write reviews and features for Data Transmission in October so I've not been blogging as much - I've been sending it all to DT instead. I am a journalist. That was what I wanted to be when I was 16. And 16 years later I've done it. Go me.

I am not a total anorak. I can't do you a top ten tracks or albums of the year, as I don't buy much music and have very little idea what any of the tracks are I love when I am out. I can't name you the best club in the world without having gone to them all first. I can't even profess to have been out all that much compared to other bloggers out there. But I can tell you my favourite things from 2013, and what I look forward to in 2014. And if you like my blog, then you may well like my choices too.

Bear in mind that these are only taken from my experiences this year. There are many nights I didn’t go to, many clubs I never set foot in. There may be better, there may be worse. It's all subjective.

Anywhere you see words in dark pink - its a link to the original review.

AA Awards 2013 - The best and worst in review

Best Event: ADE. My first and only non UK festival. As an event producer for a living I was in awe of the meticulous organisation and planning that went into making this event a huge success.

My reviews from ADE can be read on Data Transmission here: Adept / Electric Delux. I went to more but forgot to publish the blog. It's still sat here as a draft but months later I doubt anyone will care to read it!

Best Club: The Hydra. Promoters Broken and Uneven brought a fabulous series of nights to 2013. I have already enjoyed their start to 2014 and look forward to many more. 

Favourite DJ: No surprise here. ROD. Not just for his techno and the best set of the year, but for being an all round nice guy. I got to meet him at ADE and if you didn't read the interview already you can catch it by clicking here.

Best set: So many! I can't get it down to one. So here are a few... ROD @ Machine, Svreca and Lee Holman at Colony and Ashley Borg at VOID. Also notable are Laurent Garnier, Karotte and Matthew Jonson Vs Minologue all at ADE and no reviews published (Naughty me!), and Octave One at Off-Sonar

Best loos: The Studio Space. Glorious.

Best venue: IR Club in Barcelona. Small, great sound, great layout, great loos. And the outdoor El Monastario in the same complex was also lovely. 

Services to London Nightlife:

Here there are 2 awards:


I think this goes without saying but we all loved this place and it's closure was a huge kick in the balls to London Nightlife. 


No more dodgy mini cabs, no more expensive Addison Lee. Just the cheapest local taxi, ordered on an app so can be done from the dance floor with no need to talk to anyone. Ideal for those not in a state to talk on a phone.

Worst Event: RAM records. OK it's not techno, but as an event it sucked regardless of the music.

Worst Set: 
Underground Resistance at Brixton Electric. Yes I just dared to write that. I take nothing away from them in terms of their legendary contribution to techno but on that night, that set, was not the one. Everyone has a bad day sometimes. 

Worst loos: 
Crucifix Lane and Great Suffolk Street

Worst venue: 
Great Suffolk Street. Hosts many a great event but only those promoters with enough cash and care make it great. It's hard to heat, hard to cool, hard to get the sound right, has no plumbing or soft furnishings. It's like paying £25 to go to a squat party.

Fave Track:  
Am a sucker for a good vocal track.

Things on my wish list so far for 2014:

  • Trouw
  • Awakenings in June
  • Karotte
  • Marcel Dettman
  • Shifted
  • Benny Rodriguez
  • Luke Slater
  • Planetary Assault Systems
  • House of God
  • Braving Fabric
  • Festival in Croatia (which one is tbc).