Thursday, 21 March 2013

Plex, Brandt Brauer Frick, Siro-A and RAM

Well we were off to a good start with this blog but my work life balance has somewhat shifted the past few weeks and I have failed to get to any techno!

I was due to go to Plex a couple of Fridays ago but got home from work via the pub and fell asleep on the sofa in a cider haze at 10pm, waking up at 3am having missed the whole thing.

And then last weekend I went to the dark side and revisited my youth at a DnB night - RAM records, which I last went to 10 years ago at The End. The night was amazing in that Andy C is always amazing but crap in that Great Suffolk Street warehouse was a) FREEZING - we had coats on b) Had not a single chair or sofa anywhere and the floors were awash with mud and water so we couldn't sit down at all for 7 hrs and got very tired and c) we were the only 2 people in there over the age of 22 d) everyone other than Andy C was a bit shit e) I can't stand a majority of MCs. BUT I did get to hear Shy FX Original Nuttah on a huge sound system, shout REEEEEEWIND and hear it all over again - so it was worth the ticket price I reckon. All that said, I was waiting for sleezy guys, overly coked up gangs of moody bastards and general rowdiness but I guess DnB got a bit fluffy coz all the kids were actually very nice - no agro at all. 2 overdoses and one crowd surfer who vomited on someone from above, but no fights. Not like in my day - pity it all sounded like something from Radio 1 though. I liked it more when it was underground and fresh.

I am only really interested in going to a DnB night if I can choose the line up and it would go something like this... Jumping Jack Frost, Mampi Swift, Andy C. But that will never happen these days so that is that. DnB and Jungle is mostly relegated to my teens. I would also choose to only allow reggae MCs to perform as they sound great over DnB whereas most numnums add very little to the proceedings and ruin perfectly amazing melodies with their tuneless rambling crap.

I am meant to be seeing Brand Brauer Frick this evening at XOYO with DL as a very late Xmas present and belated anniversary night out but, both our days did not go as planned and so I am home alone working instead (I write this whilst on a tea break). Sucks to be us tonight. Booooo. Instead friends have our tickets and are enjoying something a little like this on our behalf:

One positively amazing thing we actually HAVE done in the past couple of weeks was to go and see Siro-A at the Leicester Square theatre. Truly one of the best shows I have ever seen. Witty, cheeky, visually spectacular, clever and so well rehearsed it really was just divinely spot on with meticulous movement and timing. Siro-A have been called the Japanese version of The Blue Man Group. Their AV show consists of a DJ, VJ and 3 dancers/performers. Projectors throw well crafted visuals onto a varirty of screens and surfaces on stage throughout the show as performers interact with the images and create short stories and comedic sketches using no words, just lights, different shaped surfaces and well choreographed movement.

Personally I would love to see that kind of thing in a club every now and again but I imagine it would cost a fortune. DSL strongly disagreed and said to me that clubbing is all about you participating, not watching a show. I understand but I also love performance art and if I could (for instance) hear Adam Beyer AND see an amazing visual effects show at the same time as dancing about  like a lunatic, then I'd be in seventh heaven.

I strongly advise you get yourself to see Siro A before the show ends later in April. It's an hour or so long and perfect for a pre-club early evening show. Time to go for food afterwards, or drinks and then hit some techno action on a dancefloor.

Next blog will actually be about actual techno as we're off to 50 Weapons at Peckham Palais next Thursday and then seeing the wonderful Paul Kalkbrenner at The Roundhouse next Friday.... should you care to join us?!

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