Friday, 22 February 2013

Blueprint @ Cable Sat 15th Feb 2013

It was a tough old week in the lead up to Blueprint.
We lost a dear friend who died previous weekend and will be sorely missed by all who knew him – RIP David Hills, AKA Dave Saunders. I can’t claim to have known Dave well at all having only spent one evening and some light hearted facebook chat in his company, but others in our techno posse have been friends with Dave for many years – run club nights with him, partied with him and been his close friend through thick and thin. Never a sad face or a dull moment in Dave’s company and his FB wall alone is testament to the amazing life he led and the huge number of gobsmacked people who are stunned and saddened by his death.

So Dave… we dedicated our midweek Dan Deacon gig trip to you – you would have loved it and we were all horribly sad you were not there with us to make a huge human archway that ran out the fire exit and wrap around  the entire exterior of Factory 7 before finishing full circle back on the dancefloor. And to watch idiots in the middle of the crowd lead epic dance competitions. Tired arms and lots of jumping around followed by a pleasant evening of memories and irreverent chat chez moi. Appropriately hung over for work on Friday were we all J
The same week my best chum of the feline variety – named Techno – was hit by a car and died. I miss his furry face. Just not a good week at all. Although on the up side DSL moved from Portsmouth to London to take up permanent residence with me so HOORAY for that.
 And so with a stressful week behind us, and a day full of moving vans and lifting heavy crap all over the place, I hit a crossroads… Do I go to Blueprint and dance my troubles away or go to bed. It was a tough call. I was knackered. But dancing as per usual won the battle.

We Fear Silence presents Blueprint at Cable on Saturday was, in the words of TIR – as much like being at Berghain as you are likely to get, without actually going to Berghain. Which is just as well, because half the techno rabble actually were at Berghain at the time having a marathon stomp about for AB’s birthday. Jealous much? Us? Pah.
We arrived at about 12:30pm and caught a bit of Daniel Miller but I can’t honestly comment too much other than to say it was music to my ears as I walked in. Been wanting a night of full on in your face techno for ages and this was a banging way to start. We zoomed through to Room 2 hosted by Colony to see MB & CB playing a somewhat lesser in your face set than Room 1, but perfect to warm us up and get us in the mood for the night ahead. I vanished off to the loo and returned to find Room 2 virtually empty as Regis & James Ruskin had started in Room 1. I found MC (or maybe CB, which is which???) on the dance floor later on who said he can’t really complain when his record label compardre empties his room!
Not really TIR, but you get the idea.

Regis and James Ruskin were pure techno fulfilment. We had Detroit melodic pianos and driving tribal rhythms and my heart sang and my arms raved and my feet practically dug imprints into the floor. OH YES INDEED THE TECHNO WAS GOOOOOD. Berghain shmerghain I say ;)

 The night was filled with little triumphs such as me pulling EXACTLY the right change out of my pocket in one go at bar, and TIR telling me how he got found my mountain rescue passed out drunk up a mountain during his recent snowboarding trip – having had a dry January he let rip and thought he’d snooze in the snow. Woops.
 So many tracks played that I know but will never have a clue who they are by or what they are called. I am hopeless unless I can see the record sleeve. One we did know the name of was Jeff Mills Changes of Life ( which took DSL, SH and RSK to the back of the room for some contemplative Dave memory time whilst me and TIR turned into 2 kids let off the reigns Regis and Ruskin finished to rapturous applause and Speedy J took to the decks. TIR if you are reading this, I have a bruise on my arm from when I tried to leave the dancefloor and you grabbed my arm to make me stay and keep you company. It was blue, now it is green. It clashes with my shirt. I hate to clash. Worth staying though – I reckon we threw some highly amusing shapes.
I’ve waited a fair old while to finally see Speedy J and whilst I don’t think he was quite as amazing as the gigs I have heard of from him in the past year (at Berghain and Cable and Jaded) I still loved every second. Definitely got my fill for the next 7 days… Next week’s adventure will be tales of Chris Liebing’s 6hr set at The Sidings this Saturday night. Get you party pants on people! It’s KW’s birthday J
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